"By choice, or by default, we will carve out a land legacy for our heirs. We can misuse the land and diminish the usefulness of resources, or we can create a world in which physical affluence and affluence of spirit go hand in hand." - Stewart Lee Udall

An Open Space and Recreation Plan consistent and compatible with a strategic growth plan will ensure that the natural, cultural, recreational and aesthetic values that make Sussex County special are sustained.

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Final 2016 Open Space and Recreation Plan Update (233 pages, 30MB
Technical Report I: Land Preservation (22 pages, 41MB
Technical Report II: Land Stewardship (16 pages, 41MB
Technical Report III: Analysis and Recommendations (50 pages, 41MB

Sussex County OS Plan Update Presentation 6-23-2016

Farmland Preservation, Recreation, and Open Space Trust Fund Fact Sheet

2003 Open Space and Recreation Plan




Open Space Web Map