Babe Ruth golfing in Walllkill Golf Course in Franklin, circa 1947.

There is a need to pro-actively engage our next generations in the preservation of our common history. Sussex County would benefit from citizens working to achieve preservation. We introduce a program to recognize those who would actively work toward this goal.

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The categories are as follows:

Ben Franklin* Award to a fourth grader who is beginning to understand about history and history's importance.

Babe Ruth* Award to rising stars, flexing their interest in history and in the 8th grades of schools in Sussex County.

Thomas Edison* Award to our emerging thought producers and creative minds who are in the high school (open from 9th through 12th).

George Washington* Award to an experienced Sussex County resident who has shown the interest in history, displayed the perseverance through service to the community, and has obtained the wisdom gained through their years to help with the preservation of our past.

Phyllis & Moses* Award to a Sussex County resident who display an interest in new areas of history that may benefit from additional study, research, and recognition


Participants in each category would provide a one-page description for their category. Winners would be selected by a committee formed under the Historian. A certificate and $250 will be awarded in each category and the money distributed through the input of the recipient and judgment of the committee and County Commissioners.  

Realization would be as follows: the existing page for the county historian  (Sussex County History - Sussex County ) will serve as the platform for announcements. Awardees will be recognized during the New Jersey State Fair in Augusta, NJ. Cycle is from January (open), June 1 (close), August (award).


For the year 2022, some centering thought for each category is:

☐ Ben Franklin Category: "What do I think is the study of history?" The fourth grade student may write about what they see is history, and how they might be involved themselves with history.

☐ Babe Ruth Category: “During my years leading up to 8th grade, there have been some influences on my interest in history...” Some examples that one might state is the involvement of their family, lessons in school, readings and shows in their spare time, travel to historic sites, and current events.

☐ Thomas Edison Category: “How might I make a difference?” Some examples that one in high school might consider include how to further strengthen preservation of existing structures like the historic courthouse or High Point Veterans Monument, promoting history interest among their friends, creating or encouraging history groups, and travel.

☐ George Washington Category: “In looking back through the years of being in Sussex County, how might I suggest that we can preserve our history?” The committee will accept proposals for those who may have achieved this level.

☐ Phillis & Moses Category: “Where are some areas of Sussex County history that may be enhanced by further study, research and recognition; lesser documented or marginal groups and some areas not well explored in our county’s history?”


Benjamin Franklin Flying a Kite

Benjamin Frankin (1706-1790) was an American Founding Father who was a leading intellectual of his time. He was a critical thinker who proposed solutions for the problems of society. He was a writer, scientist, inventor, and statesman.


Babe Ruth Portrait

Babe Ruth (1895-1948) is one of the greatest sports heroes in the American culture; he was a frequent and passionate visitor to Sussex County.


Thomas Edison (1847-1931) is considered America’s greatest inventor; he was a frequent visitor to Sussex County with his mining interests.


George Washington (1732-1799) is considered the greatest American as military general, political leader, statesman, and Founding Father; his strategic maneuvers in the Revolutionary War brought him and the Continental troops through Sussex County several times.


Phyllis Treloar was a young woman who lost her life serving as a nurse during the Spanish Flu epidemic, caring for those many who were sick at the overflow beds at the Neighborhood House in Franklin; she was a lifelong resident. Moses Piggery was an infantryman who served in the U.S. Colored Troops during the Civil War, was a laborer and landowner, and is representative of the Americans of African descent who have been a part of our community for hundreds of years; and was a lifelong resident of the Hardyston area.


This program is made possible by the support of the Sussex County Board of County Commissioners

Thank you for appreciating Sussex County!

Bill Truran