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May 9, 2019

Bridge Design Projects

Project Description Location Design Stage Anticipated Construction Funding Source
D-21 Replacement Armstrong Rd Frankford 100% Fall 2018/Spring 2019 County
Q-06 Replacement Main Street Sparta 45% Summer 2020 County and State
C-18 Rehabilitation Roseville Rd Byram 95% Fall 2019 County and State
C-09 Rehabilition North Shore Road Byram 25% 2020 County and State
B-10 Rehabilitation Recreational Park Drive Branchville 100% 2019 County
K-01 Repairs CR 602 Brooklyn Stanhope Road Hopatcong 75% Summer 2019 County
X-11 Rehabilitation CR 639 Wantage 100% Summer 2020 County and State
D-35 Replacement Phillips Road Frankford 10% RFP Summer 2020 County
X-03 Rehabilitation CR 565 Ross Corner Sussex Road Wantage 0% RFP TBD County
L-04 Rehabilitation CR 663 a.k.a. Warbasse Junction Rd, Lafayette RFP Summer 2021 State and County
K-03 Curb / Walk Repairs CR 607, a.k.a. River Styx Rd. Hopatcong 10% Fall 2019 County

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