Welcome to the Division of Engineering's Traffic Data Page

Have you ever noticed a black rubber hoses crossing a street in your neighborhood? Maybe you haven't seen, but heard the th-thump as your vehicle passes over the hoses. There is a very good chance that these hoses are connected to a traffic counter installed by the Division of Engineering.

The Division of Engineering collects traffic data on county roads and select intersecting streets. The data collected provides tangible information utilized by the Division for various project elements, some of which include:

  • Developing a fiscally responsible value based transportation capital improvement plan requires evaluating many projects. Traffic data can be one of many factors useful in prioritization of potential capital improvement projects.
  • Applying minimum allowable design standards for road and bridge projects
  • Determining optimal traffic signal timing sequences.
  • Monitoring local trends.
  • This information will play a part when establishing applicable speed zones. The information collected is a key supporting component of the criteria considered by Engineers when developing opinions and recommendations for adoption.
  • Supportive information used in collaboration with other engineering data when applying for North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) for federally funded transportation programs.

Some of the information which may be collected during this process includes:

  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT)
  • Speed Data
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Turning Movements

Traffic data acquired by the Division is available online by submitting a request under the Service Requests option found in the Main Menu.