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Contact Information

Department: Skylands Ride/Public Transportation

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Skylands Ride/Public Transportation
Name Address Phone
Sussex County Transit Bus Reservations,
TelSussex County Transit Bus Reservations's973-579-0480
Community Transit Citizens Advisory Committee,
TelCommunity Transit Citizens Advisory Committee's973-579-0480
Senior Transportation in Hopatcong Borough, Hopatcong
Hopatcong Civic Center, Lakeside Blvd., Hopatcong, NJ  
TelSenior Transportation in Hopatcong Borough's973-398-9111
John Jackson, Sussex County Office of Transit
201 Wheatsworth Road, Hamburg, NJ 07419 
TelJohn Jackson's973-579-0480Fax973-579-0489
Carol Novrit, Director, Division of Social Services
83 Spring Street, Newton, NJ 07860 
TelCarol Novrit's973-383-3600Fax973-383-3627
Senior Transportation, Division of Senior Services
TelSenior Transportation's973-579-0555