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County Administrator

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  • County Administrator


Ron Tappan

As the County's chief executive, it is the County Administrator's responsibility to implement the policy directives set forth by the County's governing body or board of directors, the Board of County Commissioners. As the County's governing body, the Board of County Commissioners sets policy and provides direction for program priorities and the allocation of resources. It also sets the tone for the government's organizational culture. Within these parameters, the County Administrator directs, manages, and/or guides the County's administrative departments, divisions, and agencies. This is accomplished through a number of means.

Communicating the Commissioners' vision to staff on a daily basis is the primary method of guiding the activities of County government. Additional methods include written communications, the negotiation of contracts, the administration of labor agreements, and individual and group meetings.

The Operating Budget and the Capital Budget provide the annual allocation of funds, through both a prioritization process and a process of translating the County's values into spending plans.

Other means include the monitoring of accomplishments by County staff, contractors, and agents. Ongoing management of programs, employee performance appraisals, and measuring progress toward the accomplishment of County goals all contribute to this process.

Assuring compliance with various regulations is also a primary concern of this office. County government is highly regulated, not only financially but also programmatically. Various state and federal agencies oversee our operations and have rules and regulations that the County must follow. In the end, the County Administrator must assure that these regulations are satisfied.


Write to the County Administrator: 

Office of the County Administrator
Sussex County Administrative Center
One Spring Street
Newton, NJ 07860

Telephone:   (973) 579-0250
Fax:  (973) 579-0259