Sussex County Historian
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Sussex County citizens,

Welcome to this county site. On this page, I am trying to build up a foundation of our rich heritage. Here we can recognize our history and also to build a bridge from the past, and the present, out to the future.

Bill Truran
Sussex County Historian

  1. 6/15/2020. Consideration of proposals for historic markers
  2. 7/15/2020. Announcement of Historic Marker recipients
    • This had been scheduled for the Fair, but with no Fair this year we plan to have a special get together to recognize them.
  3. 7/06/2020. Summer History Virtual Fun Tours
    With the Covid-19 situation, we have constructed an outline to have kids 'visit' significant historic sites in our Sussex County. We are working to build these and put them up on the web. People, especially kids, are welcome to make their own video, slide show, and presentation to describe their own town's favorites.

    Here are a couple that are underway and should be available in July.
    • Franklin Mineral Museum

      Fluorescent minerals

    • Hardyston's Monroe One Room Schoolhouse

      Monroe Schoolhouse

  4. Young Historian recognitions
    As time moves to the future, we have the opportunity to make the young aware of our past. We can encourage them to be interested and will need to hand off the responsibility to preserve our heritage. This is a step in that direction.

Take a look at the Sussex County Historic Markers and visit the Sussex County Wikipedia page to learn about county history, indigenous peoples, geology, and much more.

Sussex County Historian: William R. Truran