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Our mission is to protect and promote good health for all Sussex County citizens through direct and responsive community endeavors.

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Child Health Clinic: Well-child care for children from birth to 5 years old (school entry). Includes age-appropriate parent guidance, physical exams, vaccinations, and screenings (hearing, vision, blood lead, and anemia). Services are free for those who are uninsured.Information and Schedule

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program: Blood lead screening and assessment of lifestyle and environment for sources of lead exposure. Referrals to Registered Environmental Health Specialist for home evaluation if indicated. Case management for people with elevated blood lead levels.

Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Services: Public Health Nurses investigate communicable disease cases in order to gather data used to control disease and ensure public safety. Surveillance of disease trends and public education about diseases and their prevention. Reporting of communicable diseases to NJ State Department of Health as mandated by statute.

Complete Metabolic Profile (CMP): The CMP is a blood test that includes a hemogram, chemistry and lipid profile used to assess general health. It provides diagnostic information about many organs and systems in the body and screens for abnormalities. Reasonable fee. Information and Schedule

Emergency Preparedness: Participation in the Sussex County Emergency Preparedness Team and the Sussex County Domestic Preparedness Task Force. Nurse collaborate with County and NJ State agencies in planning for maintenance of health and fundamental services in the event of a local, state or national emergency.

Flu Vaccination: Flu (influenza) vaccine offered at various locations within the County during the fall and winter in preparation for flu season. Contact the Office of Public Health Nursing for pricing.

Health-Check: Vaccine clinic for adults and school-aged children. No fee for vaccines if uninsured or with select insurance policies. Information and Schedule

Health Education Programs: Public Health Nurses provide formal and informal education on various health topics at public and private venues. Informative poster boards circulate throughout the year among County libraries. Nurses are available by phone to provide information to the public.

Hepatitis B Vaccination Clinic: Hepatitis B vaccines administered to emergency responders, firemen, policemen and other people whose occupations place them at risk for contracting Hepatitis B disease.

HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS information and referral for testing, AIDS Task Force. HIV Test Sites (pdf)

Blood Pressure Screening: Public Health Nurses provide a Blood Pressure Screening Clinic to residents of various ages. Blood Pressures are taken and reported to the individual. Information about Blood Pressure and what it means is also provided. If needed, nurses follow up with the individual’s health care provider.

Men's Health Screening: Clinic visit includes prostate exam, PSA blood test, and availability of home colorectal screening. Services are free for those who are uninsured and meet financial eligibility. A reasonable fee is applied for those who are under insured. Information and Schedule

School Immunization Audit: Yearly audit of preschool, elementary, middle, and high school student immunization records to ensure compliance with New Jersey law immunization requirements.

Cancer Control, Prevention, and Survivorship Program: Provides services and resources to reduce the burden of cancer in Sussex and Warren Counties through education, community linkages, and implementing evidence based strategies to promote the primary prevention and early detection of cancer.

NJCEED: NJ Cancer Education and Early Detection Program, with grant funding from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State, provides comprehensive breast, cervical, prostate and colorectal cancer education, outreach, screening clinics and case management services. Program eligibility is based on income and insurance status.

Skin Cancer Screening: Clinic visit includes a full body screening exam. Health education provided for skin cancer awareness.

Special Child Health Services: Special Child Health Case Managers are available to assist children with special needs and their families from birth until their twenty-second birthday. Case Management is available at no cost to families.

Sussex-Warren Chronic Disease Coalition: The Sussex-Warren Chronic Disease Coalition utilizes community members and resource agencies to increase awareness, encourage prevention, and promote early detection of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Tuberculosis Control Services: Public Health Nurses provide surveillance and case management to prevent the spread of tuberculosis. Daily direct observation of medication therapy and client/family education are components of this program.

Women's Health Screening:  Clinic visit includes a clinical breast exam and a pelvic exam. Thin Prep pap testing is done, and availability of home colorectal screening. Mammography services are available. Services are free for those who are uninsured and meet financial eligibility. A reasonable fee is applied for those who are under insured. 2022-23 Schedule

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