Shocking? The fact is, Sussex County DOES have a cancer problem. Cancer does not discriminate. It affects all populations and claims thousands of lives each year. Sussex County has not been spared this disease. SUSSEX COUNTY RESIDENTS HAVE CANCER RATES THAT ARE HIGHER THAN COMPARATIVE RATES FOR MOST OF THE STATE IN FEMALE BREAST CANCER, CERVICAL CANCER, PROSTATE CANCER, AND COLORECTAL CANCER.

What can we do to reverse these alarming statistics?

  1. Learn about and practice health-supporting lifestyles and
  2. Participate in routine health screenings to detect cancers in early, more treatable stages.


The Sussex County Department of Environmental and Public Health Services / Office of Public Health Nursing is delighted to have been recently awarded the NJCEED Program grant funding for Sussex County.

The New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection (NJCEED) Program, with funding from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of New Jersey, provides funding to all twenty-one counties in the State for comprehensive breast, cervical, prostate, and colorectal cancer education, outreach, and screening. Men and women whose income is under 250% of the Federal poverty level and have no insurance are eligible for the program.

Screening clinics for women are held twice a month. Women receive breast and pelvic exams performed by experienced and caring nurse practitioners. ThinPrep PAP tests for cervical cancer are done and mammograms are available. Women needing follow-up diagnostic care will be assisted by the nurse manager, Marty Baldwin RN, through every step to diagnosis.

Screening clinics for men are held several times throughout the year. A physician performs rectal exams for detection of prostate cancer and a PSA blood test is done. Both men and women are screened for colorectal cancer using a test kit they can take home with them. As with all screenings, follow-up diagnostic tests are facilitated by the nurse manager.

In addition to screening clinics, educational events are held throughout the county for all residents to learn about cancer and lifestyle changes that support healthful living instead of illness.

NJCEED is a wonderful program with a philosophy that mirrors that of the Sussex County Department of Environmental and Public Health Services. Our mission is to protect and promote good health for all Sussex County residents. Early intervention by way of cancer education and early detection of cancer illness through screening is cost effective, reducing the financial burden of disease on the entire population. Saving lives through education about cancer-reducing lifestyle choices results in a healthier, more productive community. The Sussex County Office of Public Health Nursing welcomes the opportunity to provide these services.


NJCEED is a dynamic program in Sussex County that

  • Is for men and women whose income is less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level and have no health insurance.
  • Provides education about living a healthful life.
  • Offers appointments at professional medical clinics for men and women to screen for the following cancers: breast, cervical, prostate, colorectal.
  • Has a nurse manager that is available to answer questions and supports clients through each step of screening and if needed, diagnosis.
  • To determine eligibility and schedule appointments, call 973-579-0570 extensions 1214 or 1246. Ask for Laura Norton or Joanne Fairweather.
  • The Office of Public Health Nursing is open M-F, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.