"Mission Statement"
The Sussex County Prosecutor's Office of Victim Witness Advocacy's mission is to ensure that victims of crimes are treated with fairness, compassion, and respect by the criminal justice system as mandated by Paragraph 22, Article 1 of the New Jersey Constitution. In order to accomplish this mission, the Unit provides services to assist victims and witnesses in coping with the aftermath of victimization and help make their participation in the criminal justice system less difficult and burdensome. Additionally, information on crime victims' rights and the impact of crime on victims is disseminated to the public, law enforcement, and social service agencies in order to help broaden the understanding and assistance of crime victims.

We all know about crime, but we don't expect it to involve us. We think of crime as something that happens to someone else.

What happens if crime touches your life? What do you do, where do you go, and what can be expected of you?

The Office of Victim Witness Advocacy can answer these questions for you. Specially trained Victim Advocates provide services to help victims of crime. If you have been the victim of a crime these services can provide the information and support you need, completely free of charge.

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For more information, contact our staff:

Laura Santaita - Victim Witness Coordinator, Major Crimes Unit

Andrea Inglima - Victim Advocate, Domestic Violence Unit

Kayla Gewecke - Victim Advocate, Juvenile Unit and Grand Jury Unit

All advocates are Certified Disaster Response Crisis Counselors