Thomas McCormick, Chief of Detectives
Sussex County Prosecutor's Office
19-21 High Street
Newton, NJ 07860

Telephone (973) 383-1570

Investigative Units
Major Crimes Unit:

The Major Crimes Unit investigates homicides, potential homicides, crimes of a violent nature, suicides, vehicular homicides, police shootings, fatal fires, high-speed pursuits, kidnapping, hostage and/or barricade situations, and other matters that may have significant impact on the public. In addition, members of the major crimes unit assist local police agencies in investigations involving crimes of robbery.

Arson Unit:

The Arson Unit investigates the cause and origin of suspicious fires. In the event of a suspected arson, this unit assists local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with the criminal investigation.

Cold Case Homicide Unit:

The Cold Case Homicide Investigations Unit focuses on homicide cases that have gone "cold," that is, unsolved. The Cold Case Homicide Investigations Unit brings together experienced Assistant Prosecutor's and Detectives from the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office to work closely with Detectives from the New Jersey State Police, Sussex County Sheriff's Office and Municipal Police Departments.

Domestic Violence Unit:

The domestic violence unit investigates and screens domestic violence complaints. The unit also reviews violations of restraining orders, which may result in criminal charges.

Internet Crime & Technology Unit:

In 2006, the Internet Crime & Technology Unit was created to meet the rising level of computer-facilitated crimes occurring in Sussex County. The Unit is comprised of an assistant prosecutor and two detectives. The Unit investigates and prosecutes a variety of crimes, including online theft and auction fraud, electronically communicated threats, online child predation, and the possession and distribution of child pornography. Additionally, the High Tech Crimes Unit provides investigative and legal support to other units/agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution of crimes involving electronic evidence.

Juvenile Unit:

The juvenile unit handles investigations of crimes committed by juveniles and is involved in all stages of the juvenile justice system.

Megans Law Unit:

The Megan's Law Unit maintains all records relating to any sexual offender eligible under the Registration and Notification of Release of Certain Offenders Act (Megans Law.) The unit processes Sussex County registrants and determines their tier classification.

Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit:

The Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit investigates crimes of sexual assault committed upon adults and children. The unit also investigates all forms of child abuse and cases of child neglect, which may constitute a crime under the New Jersey Criminal Code.

Sussex County Gangs, Guns & Narcotics Task Force:

The County Narcotics Task Force is responsible for investigating crimes involving controlled dangerous substances and abused drugs. The unit is comprised of officers from state, county, and local law enforcement agencies and coordinate drug investigations throughout the county.

White Collar Crime/Fraud/ Grand Jury Unit:

The White Collar/Fraud/Grand Jury Unit investigates crimes involving aggravated assaults, burglary, theft, car theft, identity theft, forgery and fraudulent practices. This unit also conducts investigations into the crime of insurance fraud and bias crimes. The unit is also responsible for criminal investigations involving elected or appointed officials in the public sector.

Fugitive Unit:

The Sussex County Prosecutor's Office Fugitive Unit is comprised of county detectives who are responsible for locating and apprehending wanted fugitives.

The unit is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Fugitive Unit travels throughout various jurisdictions within New Jersey and outside state boundaries to pursue felons wanted for various criminal offenses, violation of parole and failure to comply with bail and or Court Orders. These efforts require extensive cooperation between the fugitive unit and law enforcement agencies from Local, County, State and Federal sectors.

An additional function includes the arrest and incarceration of individuals located within Sussex County who are wanted as fugitives from out-of-state authorities. All wanted fugitives arrested outside of New Jersey must be extradited back to New Jersey. It is the responsibility of the Fugitive Unit to apply for a Governor's warrant within 90 days, to bring the wanted individuals back to New Jersey.

The Sussex County Fugitive Unit is currently working in conjunction with the United States Marshals Service and the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force in order to apprehend individuals involved in criminal activity.