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Prevention Education Programs for Substance Abuse

(Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs)

The Sussex County Alliance, which is separate from each of the Municipal Alliances, provides support to the local Municipal Alliances and oversees their activities.

Municipal Alliances are community-based volunteer committees, which were established in 1990 in each municipality to address each community’s unique substance abuse prevention needs and problems for all ages.

In Sussex County there are 11 Municipal Alliances representing 22 of the 24 towns (Hampton and Fredon do not participate). In New Jersey there are over 450 Alliances. There are approximately 10,000 volunteers statewide each year.

The role of the Municipal Alliances is to develop and provide prevention education programs, which meet their community’s particular needs. Some of the most prevalent programs currently provided by the municipalities are:

  • Parenting Workshops - to enhance parent’s ability to assist their children to live a healthy and drug free lifestyle.
  • Peer Leadership Programs - training to help students develop leadership skills and goal oriented behaviors. The Peer Leaders become role models and helpers to other students.
  • Drug Awareness Events - to offer families and community members drug and alcohol free activities while providing information about substance abuse and community-wide prevention programs.
  • Drug Use and Misuse in the Elderly- Medicines can interact with other medicines including over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, vitamins, herbs, foods and beverages including alcohol or with other medical conditions. These interactions can cause unexpected side effects and can make a medicine less effective or even harmful to you. Our local professionals within our community present this program in conjunction with the Division of Senior Services.

Funding -- The Alliance programs are provided assistance through the D.E.D.R. (Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction) funds. These are fines collected from persons convicted of a drunk-driving or drug related offense. Each Alliance must undertake matching its grant with 25% cash and 75% in-kind account. Grants range from $3,493 to $20,467. The total grant amount for Sussex County is $210,366.00 each year. These funds are distributed to the 11 Municipal Alliances or used to provide countywide prevention programming.

If you would like to be involved with a Sussex County Municipal Alliance to participate in the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse, contact Nick Loizzi, Sussex County Coordinator at 973-940-5200. E-mail: