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County Clerk Implements New ROAM Public Access site

Release Date: April 30, 2015
The new search site offers greater compatibility than the previous site, with full functionality across a number of popular browsers.

If you recently visited the County Clerk’s website to conduct a public records search you may have paused for a moment, thinking maybe you typed in the wrong address. That’s because instead of linking to the familiar AiLIS search site, visitors are being welcomed to the new Rapid Online Access Method more commonly referred to as ROAM.

The Clerk rolled out ROAM to the public on Tuesday morning, April 28th. The new search site offers greater compatibility than the previous site, with full functionality across a number of popular browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla.

Screenshot of ROAM

“Technology has changed a lot since our office first made digitized records available online,” said Clerk Jeff Parrott. “In the past, it’s safe to say most people used Internet Explorer as their browser of choice, but that’s changed over the years as more and more browsers became available, some more popular than others, depending on the media device being used.” Full compatibility of the Clerk’s previous search site was limited to use of Internet Explorer, explained Parrott, and employees were fielding a lot of calls from customers who were experiencing limited or no functionality when using other browsers. It became apparent that an upgrade was necessary. Another benefit to implementing ROAM is that records can be searched by whatever information a document is indexed, where the previous method was limited to searches by instrument number, book and page, or property owner’s last name.

Public records that can be searched online via ROAM include all deed and mortgage-related documents recorded from 1950 to present, and other lien documents from 2008 forward (e.g., UCCs, trade name certificates). Also available digitally are subdivision and wetlands maps dating back to 1818. Records prior to 1950 (other than maps) will have to be searched in person by visiting the Clerk’s Records Room at 83 Spring Street, Suite 204 in Newton, NJ.

ROAM is supported by Granicus, Inc., the current vendor of electronic records management systems for the Clerk’s Office. ROAM software is the first to be used in New Jersey, but it has already been implemented by local governments across the country, including 16 county offices across Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Granicus has been delivering cloud-based software solutions for government and public-sector organizations for more than 15 years.

The public is welcome to visit the Clerk’s online records depository at