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Sussex County Clerk Announces New Website

Release Date: January 09, 2015
Sussex County Clerk Jeffrey M. Parrott is pleased to announce the launch of the Clerk's new website.

Sussex County Clerk Jeffrey M. Parrott is pleased to announce the launch of the Clerk's new website.

screenshot from new County Clerk website

Visit the County Clerk to search real estate records, view key election dates and deadlines, obtain election results, learn about recording services and requirements, apply for a passport and much more.

The new website is mobile friendly, works on phones, tablets and desktop computers, is searchable, and can be translated into 90 different languages. Now you can use small arrow anywhere, from any web enabled device.

"I want to thank Thor Carlson for all his work on the new site," Parrott said. "We're especially pleased that all maintenance and updates of the site will be done in-county and not by an outside vendor, thus resulting in no additional cost to taxpayers."

Sussex County military veterans are encouraged to visit the County Clerk's office in order to record their discharge papers and obtain a Veteran's ID card which entitles them to discounts on goods and services. The list of vendors involved in the program is constantly updated on the Clerk's website and has been drawing about 500 hits a month. Currently there are 130 merchants offering discounts. Approximately 2,300 veterans have obtained their ID cards, according to Parrott.

During the recent holiday season, with the kids off from school, the Clerk's office processed a record number of passports. In December alone, 97 passports were processed, 62 of which were handled the week between Christmas and New Year's.

According to Deputy Clerk Angela Rosa, that's more than double the number of passports processed in December of 2013. "Parents and their children were out in droves," Rosa said. "I'm proud of the exceptional way in which our staff performed."

Residents can also take advantage of the Clerk's office to open a trade name.