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Jury Duty Phone Scam

Release Date: April 04, 2014
Sussex County residents are being warned of a jury duty phone scam.

Jury Duty Phone Scam

Sussex County residents are being warned of a jury duty phone scam that has targeted several neighboring counties as well as other states.

The individuals perpetrating this fraud claim to be members of the County Sheriff's Office notifying residents that they missed jury duty and that there is a warrant for their arrest.

The caller proceeds to tell residents that in lieu of being arrested, they must provide a credit card number and/or prepaid debit card in order to pay a fine and lift the warrant.

The individuals behind this fraud are using pre-paid cell phones with area codes common to the county they are calling.

Residents are advised that under no circumstances should they give out credit card information or any personal information. All notices regarding jury duty come through the mail, including summonses to report for jury duty and failure to report for jury duty. The New Jersey Judiciary Jury Management Office does not call jurors.

No government agency will tell you to make payments through a bank or wire transfer. If you are being asked for personal information from an unsolicited phone number, hang up and notify local authorities or the state police.

Information provided by the Sussex County Clerk's Office.