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Wildland Fire Safety Tips

Release Date: April 12, 2010
Wildfire season in New Jersey is upon us. Are you prepared?

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Woods with safety zone

Wildland Fire Safety Tips

Wildfire season in New Jersey is upon us. Are you prepared? With the recent event of the 105 acre brush fire on the Kittatinny mountain ridge between Frankford and Sandyston Townships, we would like to make our residents and visitors to Sussex County aware of the dangers surrounding brush and wildfires.

Weather plays a very important role in the way wildfires react. Winds, high temperatures, low humidity, and lack of rainfall can dry out grass, leaves, and small tree limbs. Lightning also plays a role in the way grass and brush fires can easily start. Gypsy Moths have destroyed trees throughout Sussex County over the past couple years, making vegetative fuel even higher than normal.

Tips for making your property fire-safe:

  • Create a safety zone around your home (30-100 ft). Remove brush and debris from close proximity to your home.
  • Keep your yard well landscaped
  • Keep roofs, gutters, and eaves clear of debris
  • Have a disaster plan and discuss it with your family
  • Gather and protect important documents in case of evacuation
  • Discuss several safe exits to and from your property with your family
  • Use extreme caution when cooking outdoors
  • Teach children about fire safety
  • Stay tuned to local news channels or radio stations to stay informed of any wildfire events in your area

In the event an evacuation order is issued, evacuate immediately, secure your property, and let other family members know when you left and where you are going. Being prepared is the first defense in keeping you, your family, and your property safe in the event of a wildfire.

Submitted by:
Cheryl Thom, Secretary
Sussex County Firemen's Association