Minutes, Agenda and Schedule

The Sussex County Agriculture Development Board, SCADB, consists of seven voting members who are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The members are drawn from both the agricultural and non-agricultural communities. Their mandate is to encourage and facilitate the preservation and stewardship of Sussex County's farmland as well as to protect responsible commercial farmers by adjudicating Right-to-Farm issues. Thus far, the SCADB has preserved more than 180 farms and over 17,500 acres of farmland.

Chairman: Peter Southway

Vice Chair: Brian Hatau

Voting Members:
Lisa Chammings
Brian Hautau
Anthony Lentini
Billy Marotta

Non-Voting Members:
Steve Komar, Sussex County Extension Agent

Program Administrator:
Autumn Sylvester, 973-579-0500

Commissioner Liaison:
Jack DeGroot, 973-579-0240

The 3rd Monday in the Commissioner meeting room at 7:30 p.m.