Cochran House Roof Replacement

Cochran House

Updated: November 19, 2014


Cochran House Roof Replacement

Cochran House Building
83 Spring Street, Newton, NJ


SR Products


Integrity Roofing, Inc.

Construction Schedule:

Bid Award: 1/29/2014
Construction Start Date: 9/4/2014
Construction Completion Date: N/A

Construction Funding:

2013 County Capital - $549,000.00

Construction Activities:

• Construction documentation was developed in-house with our roofing project specifier. Since the former roofing was an asbestos containing material, work was done in conjunction with asbestos safety management practices and monitored by Sky Environmental Services, Inc.
• Most of the construction work was completed by September 29, 2014 so that the work on the Cochran House HVAC project was able to proceed.