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Cindy Armstrong
Mental Health Administrator
(973) 940-5200 ext. 1371

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The mission of the Sussex County Mental Health Board is to promote access to and availability of efficient, adequate, integrated health care services for adults with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders and for children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and mental health disorders.

Guiding Principles
To accomplish this mission, the Mental Health Board will embrace the following principles for health planning:

  1. Consumer-focused Services
  2. Individualized Care
  3. Wellness and Recovery Model
  4. Evidenced-based Practices
  5. Cultural Competence

The Sussex County Mental Health Board was established under the provisions of the New Jersey Community Mental Health Services Act of 1957 (N.J.A.C. 10:37). In order to participate under this act, the county Board of County Commissioners appoints a Mental Health Board, hereinafter the “Board,” consisting of not less than seven and not more than twelve residents of the county. The legislation stipulates that the Board shall provide public leadership to the county in the development of mental health resources.

One of the Board's major responsibilities is that of planning for mental health services for the County. The Board is responsible for initiating and implementing a Mental Health Plan that will provide a framework for addressing the mental health needs of the County as identified in the Needs Assessment. The Plan shall include identification of the County mental health authorities along with their respective roles and function. The Plan shall also include specific goals, recommendations and actions steps to address the planning priorities.