Main Library Renovation Envelope Improvements

Main library exterior 1
Main library exterior 2

Updated: June 26, 2014


Main Library Renovation Envelope Improvements

Main Branch Library
125 Morris Turnpike, Newton, NJ 07860 (Frankford Township)


Princeton Engineering Group


Endurance American Insurance Company

Construction Schedule:

Bid Award: 9/11/2013
Project Start Date: 5/22/2014
Construction Completion Date: N/A



2012 County Capital

Construction Activities:

•Construction Documents received from Princeton Engineering Group
•Pre-Construction Meeting held on January 18, 2013
•Construction started on May 6, 2013
•Termination Letter provided to Jablan General Construction on July 25, 2013
•Takeover Agreement approved at the 9/11/13 BCF Meeting
•Pre-Construction Meeting held with Endurance American Insurance Company and APS Contracting, Inc. on September 16, 2013
•Project re-started on May 22, 2014 with APS Contracting, Inc. performing the balance of the work for Endurance American Insurance Company