Special Child Health Services
201 Wheatsworth Road
Hamburg, NJ 07419
973-948-5239 Fax: 973-948-2270


Special Child Health Services ensures that all children with special health needs have access to comprehensive, community-based, culturally competent, and family-centered care through case management services. Case Management is available for any child from birth through twenty-one who has special health care needs and at no cost to the families.

Who should call?
Families of children with:
Developmental delays
Physical disabilities
Hearing impairment/ Vision impairment
Chronic medical problems
Traumatic brain injury
Families that need assistance with:
Medical issues
School issues
Financial issues
Social issues
Rehabilitative issues

Why call?
Case managers provide families with referrals and resources for state, local, and community resources.

Contact information?
Special Child Health Services
201 Wheatsworth Road
Hamburg NJ 07419
Phone: 973-948-5239
Fax: 973-948-2270

Case Management brochure
Autism: What to do After Your Child's Diagnosis

Special Child Health Services is funded by the Sussex County Board of County Commissioners and the State of New Jersey Department of Health in cooperation with the Sussex County Division of Health.