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Notice to Businesses from Sussex County Fire Marshal

Release Date: November 07, 2012

Fire Marshal Logo

Joseph C. Inga, Fire Marshal/Fire Coordinator
Sussex County Sheriff's Office
135 Morris Turnpike
Newton, New Jersey 07860

To All Business Owners:

Due to the recent power outages from Hurricane Sandy it's highly likely that the battery back-up system in your Exit Signs, Emergency Lights and Alarm Systems have completely drained and are no longer working as designed. If this be the case then the batteries and possibly the fixture itself most likely need to be replaced. These fixtures are designed to come on when the power goes out and only last for approximately 90 minutes. If the power comes back on within the 90 minutes the batteries will generally recharge. When the power has been off for days like we have experienced, generally the batteries are in need of replacement.

To test your Exit Sign and Emergency Light in your business and/or apartment's complex press the Test button located either on the side or bottom of the fixture. If when you press the Test button the lights DO NOT come on then the battery is in need of replacement. If when you press the Test Button the lights come on the fixture is ok. You will also need to contact your alarm company to have your battery checked on your alarm system.

If you should have any questions concerning the contents of this notice or any other fire safety questions please feel free to contact Sussex County Fire Marshal Joseph Inga at 973-579-0380, extension 2203 or your local Fire Official.