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Protect Yourself from Spring Scam Artists/Transients

Release Date: March 29, 2019

Things to Look for Regarding Scam Artists/Transients

Scam Artists/Transients are people that roam the country, staying in locations for only a short period of time. They will ask you hire them to do jobs around your home such as roofing, paving and fortune telling. They are generally active during the spring and summer months in the northeast including New Jersey. If you or anyone you know has fallen victim to a scam artist or transient scam, contact your state or local police.


  • Between 10,000 and 45,000 live in the United States.
  • Transients have communities in Murphy Village, South Carolina, Fort Worth, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, and New Jersey.
  • Prefer country/rural areas.
  • Are more ruthless and more prone to violence than other scam artists.
  • Are likely to "own" a paving or roofing company.
  • Will commit other crimes such as shoplifting, burglary, and insurance fraud.

How to avoid being scammed by a Scam Artist/Transient:

Avoid anyone who:

  • Knocks on your door unsolicited.
  • Asks you to pay for a job upfront.
  • Is not visible online or has no physical address, only a Post Office Box.
  • Offers you a discount to help them find other customers.
  • Asks you to get your building permits.
  • Gives you a "too good to be true" price.
  • Pressures you to act immediately to get a huge discount.
  • Tells you to sign without reading the contract or sign a blank page(s).
  • Offers you a great deal because they have left over material from another job.
  • Talks so fast, as to confuse you and then says he already explained the issue.
  • Demands to come into your home to talk (preface to theft or burglary)


Scammers/transients prey on older populations. While one has your attention an accomplice may attempt to enter through a back door. Make sure your windows and back door are locked!

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