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Denim with a Purpose!

Release Date: April 04, 2014
Sussex County Clerk's staff donate money to local organizations.

Denim with a Purpose!

Each year the staff of the Sussex County Clerk's office raises money by "paying" to wear jeans on Fridays. At the end of each year, they choose several organizations to donate all of the money they've raised throughout the year. For 2014 they have chosen to donate a $250.00 Shop Rite gift card to the Sussex County Food Panty, $250.00 cash donation to Casa of Morris & Sussex Counties, Inc., and a $500.00 cash donation to the Armed Forces Relief Committee.

Sussex County Food Pantry - $250 Shop Rite gift card

Staff photo
Joan Kruger, Carol Novrit, Robin Braun, Wendy MacDonald, Susan Geimer, Jeff Parrott, Sheryl Talmadge

Casa of Morris & Sussex Counties, Inc. - $250.00 donation

Staff photo
Jeff Parrott, Robin Braun, Susan Geimer, Sheryl Talmadge, Debbie West, Lucy Catson, Wendy MacDonald