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Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals Seeking Membership

Release Date: March 31, 2017
The Sussex County Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals is seeking membership.

Sussex County Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals Seeking Membership

The Sussex County Board of Appeals operates with ten members, five regular members and five alternate members. Members of this Board volunteer their services. Meetings are held on a monthly basis, unless no business is pending. The Board consists of a licensed architect/engineer/building subcode official, a person qualified as an electrical subcode official, a person qualified as a plumbing subcode official, a certified fire official, and a person qualified as a fire protection subcode official. Each one of these positions also has an alternate member of the same stature. The service of an alternate member is only required when the regular member is unavailable to cover a meeting or they have a conflict of interest with a particular case. When appeals involve fire, the fire official and the fire protection official must be present; likewise for the trades in their specialty areas and the architect and/or engineer in building or structural areas. There are also two Special Members: A Professional Engineer and a Builder. These two Special Members serve on cases involving appeals of municipal or municipal utilities authority or sewer authority fees pursuant to P.L. 1995, c.54 or P.L. 1999, c.11.

The Board is currently seeking individuals for the following category:

Special Member:
Professional Engineer - with municipal site improvement construction experience

Anyone who is interested and is qualified may express their interest by submitting a resume and cover letter to Michelle L. Mezger, Secretary, UCC Board of Appeals, County Administrative Center, One Spring Street, 3rd Floor, Newton, NJ 07860, via email at or via fax at 973-579-0444.