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New Services at the Sussex County Library

Release Date: July 18, 2012
Sussex County Library has just introduced several outstanding services that are available on its website ( or at any one of its six libraries.

New Services at the Sussex County Library

Sussex County Library has just introduced several outstanding services that are available on its website ( external link) or at any one of its six libraries. All you need is a library card, and if you are a Sussex County resident, or work in Sussex County, you are eligible for a free library card! (You can apply for a library card at one of the libraries or online.)

Freegal™ Music Services - Three Free Downloads a Week

Through a new agreement with Freegal™ all library patrons can now access a legal, online collection with access to over 3 million songs, including Sony Music's catalog of legendary artists. Just go to external link, click on the "freegal" link, and log in with a Sussex County Library card number and your PIN. That opens the portal to over 3 million tracks from 10,000 music labels from 65 different countries. Choose up to three free tracks to download each week in the MP3 format.

Good Reads Good News

Keep up-to-date with all the latest Sussex County Library news through Good Reads Good News, the Sussex County Library's new, online newsletter. The newsletter features local and national library news, details new library services, provides staff picks, a database of the month, special interest columns for kids and teens, and much more. To subscribe, go to external link and click on the Book News icon.

Rocket Languages for Libraries

This online language program allows patrons to learn over 20 foreign languages, as well as American Sign Language and English for Spanish Speakers. Each language is taught through interactive audio and cultural lessons that build vocabulary and recognition of common words, and teaching the language in a natural, spoken format.

Follow Your Favorite Genre with Book News and Online Book Clubs

Book News allows patrons to keep up-to-date with new releases based on their interests. Whether it's tracking a specific genre (mysteries, romances, science fiction, etc.) or format (audio books and large print), patrons can sign up for individual monthly newsletters that detail the latest releases and suggests new authors to read.

Online book clubs: From thrillers to business books to the latest teen reads, there is an online book club to match any interest. Patrons who subscribe receive part of a chapter each day from something in their chosen genre. If they like it, they can request the book from the library and join an online forum to discuss the book with other readers.

Flip Video Cameras Now Available for Check Out

The Flip Video digital camera is incredibly easy to use. Check one out for your vacation, any special event, or just for the fun of it, and then transfer the video to a computer, or upload it to YouTube before returning the camera to the library. The lending period is one week and may be renewed if no one is on the waiting list. This is available for patrons of all ages.

New Online Resources

It's My State Series: This excellent series is available on the library's website. You can download complete sections to your computer and keep them as a permanent resource! This is an outstanding reference material for students.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine: This premier reference set can be read online, emailed, or downloaded to your computer from the library's website, and it does not have to be returned! The encyclopedia includes information on more than 1,700 medical disorders, and has in-depth explanation of causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and procedures.