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Press Release - Plea of Michael L. Raub

Release Date: May 14, 2021



May 13, 2021

     Sussex County Prosecutor Francis A. Koch announced the entry of a guilty plea to an accusation before the Honorable Louis S. Sceusi, J.S.C. at the Sussex County Virtual Courtroom in Newton on May 13, 2021 by Michael L. Raub.

     Raub, age 38, of Highland Lakes, pled guilty to Possession of Child Pornography, a crime of the second degree.  Sentencing is presently scheduled for July 15, 2021 before the Honorable Louis S. Sceusi, J.S.C.                          

     The defendant admitted he viewed child pornography on his personal computer, having at least 1,000 items but less than 100,000 items depicting the sexual exploitation or abuse of a child.

     Defendant was represented by Tamra Katcher, Esq., and the State was represented by Assistant Prosecutor Brent M. Rafuse.