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Sussex County Skylands Ride Announces New Assisted Transportation Program

Release Date: May 02, 2019

Sussex County Skylands Ride is excited to announce that as of March 2019, there is a new service available entitled the Assisted Transportation Program. This new service is specifically for Sussex County seniors ages 60 years and older who meet eligibility criteria and require a higher level of assistance for transportation services for medical appointments, shopping and basic errands within Sussex County. For more information about this new service, please call Sussex County Skylands Ride at (973) 579-0480 and ask for the Assisted Transportation Program.

*** Program Flyer ***

Are you a senior who needs extra help with shopping or medical appointments?

When you need more assistance and not just a ride,
contact Sussex County Transit/Skylands Ride!
New Assisted Transportation service provides assistance to/from vehicle, in the grocery store and in/out of the doctor's office. By appointment and must meet eligibility criteria.
Please call: 973-579-0480