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Freeholders Announce Scholarship Winners

Release Date: August 17, 2018

NEWTON, NEW JERSEY - The Board of Chosen Freeholders is pleased to announce that Catherine Choppy of Stanhope and Ryan Staerker of Augusta are the 2018 Sussex County recipients of the Investors Bank Scholarship Program . Each received a $500 scholarship check. Catherine will attend New Jersey Institute of Technology and Ryan will attend Rowan University.

Matthew Addona of Branchville is the recipient of the PSE&G Scholarship Program and received an $850.00 scholarship check. Matthew will also attend Rowan University.

Investors Bank awarded the New Jersey Association of Counties Foundation a grant of $21,000.00 and $12,000.00 was awarded to the Foundation by PSE&G for county vocational school graduates who plan to continue their education at a New Jersey county or state college to study environmental science, green design, green technology, alternative energy or other related subjects.

The NJAC Foundation is a non-profit organization affiliated with the New Jersey Association of Counties (NJAC) and is committed to providing innovative educational opportunities for county vocational school and county college students.