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Drug Discount Card for All Residents

Release Date: December 23, 2014
Sussex County is pleased to announce a new discount prescription drug program for Sussex County residents.

Sussex County Introduces New Drug Discount Card for All Residents

(NEWTON, N.J.) Sussex County is pleased to announce a new discount prescription drug program for Sussex County residents. The free program offers discount savings for residents who are paying the full cash price at the pharmacy for their prescription medications, and the program is open to all Sussex County residents regardless of age or income.

"In these difficult economic times, especially with the cost of living continuing to increase, this discount program is a welcome benefit for our residents," said Stephen Gruchacz, Administrator for the Department of Human Services. "This program is a free and easy way to help our residents keep more of their money in their pockets by helping to reduce the financial burden of their prescription medications. We are pleased to partner with ProAct to provide this innovative program and encourage our residents to participate."

The Sussex County Discount Card Program covers all prescription medications, brand name or generic and the discount card program even covers pet medications that can be filled at a regular retail pharmacy. Participants can expect to save an average of 10-20% off the full cash price of name brand medications and 20-70% off the full cash price for generic prescriptions.

During the first quarter of 2015, discount cards will be sent directly to every household within Sussex County. Unlike other plans, there are no enrollment forms to fill out, no membership fees, and no age or income requirements. The program is offered to the county residents at no charge. Cards are 100% anonymous, and one card can be used to cover the entire family. Residents can simply present the discount card to their pharmacist when filling a medication, and they will automatically receive their savings. If a card is lost or if families would like to have multiple cards, additional cards can be printed from the program's website external link.

The discount card program is designed to help reduce prescription costs for residents who do not have prescription drug insurance or if their current insurance does not cover certain medications. The cards cannot be combined with a resident's existing health coverage, be used to reduce co-pays or with other discount programs. The Sussex County Discount Card Program can be used at any participating pharmacy within Sussex County and at more than 62,000 pharmacies across the country.

For more information, including a list of participating pharmacies, contact ProAct toll-free at 877-776-2285 or visit external link. If you have any questions or need further assistance with regard to the new discount prescription drug program, you can contact Stephen Gruchacz at the Sussex County Department of Human Services at 973-579-0559 ext. 1227 or email