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Food Stamps Eligibility Makes More Help Possible

Release Date: April 13, 2010
Eligibility criteria for Food Stamps has been changed to help more families buy more food.

Changes in the Food Stamps regulations and eligibility criteria will make more people eligible to receive assistance and help families to buy more food.

Below are the income levels by household size effective October 2018 - September 2019.

     People in Household     Gross Monthly Income
          1 person                         $1872
          2 people                         $2538
          3 people                         $3204
          4 people                         $3870
          5 people                         $4536
          6 people                         $5202
          7 people                         $5868
          8 people                         $6535
     *Each additional household member     +$666

Having a checking and savings account, including Certificates of Deposit (CD's), stocks and even bonds, does not automatically make someone ineligible for assistance.

There are two Internet tools available to find out if you may be eligible to receive help. By going to, residents can use a free and confidential web tool to see if they are likely to be eligible for Food Stamps, along with 30 other social services programs. If it appears likely that the individual or family is eligible for Food Stamps, there is a link directly to an online application. The other option is to go directly to the online Food Stamp application at to apply for assistance online.

Sussex County residents in need of help may also contact the Sussex County Department of Human Services, Division of Social Services directly at (973) 383-3600 or go to the Social Services office located on the second floor at 83 Spring Street, in Newton.