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Open Borrowing Program at the Sussex County Library

Release Date: June 13, 2017
If you have a Sussex County library card, you can use your card at more than 75 public libraries in Northern and Central New Jersey.

Open Borrowing Program at the Sussex County Library

The Sussex County Library has a terrific service for all of its library cardholders, Open Borrowing. Use your card at more than 75 public libraries in Northern and Central New Jersey. Participating counties include Passaic, Morris, Warren, Middlesex, Essex, Monmouth and Union. The Sparta Public Library is also a participating member.

Open Borrowing is a reciprocal borrowing program that allows library cardholders on-site borrowing privileges for almost all materials in any of the participating libraries. (Each library has its own rules regarding which materials may be borrowed.) To participate in the program, Sussex County cardholders (if you don't have a card, you can obtain one at no cost) must go to any of the six libraries in the Sussex County System and obtain a green Open Borrowing sticker. This sticker will be attached to your library card. Once you have a card and the sticker, you can go to any participating library (a complete list can be viewed at arrow icon) and use your card in that library (be sure to know your PIN and have any blocks removed). It's that simple!

There are more than 5 million items available in the participating libraries.

The Open Borrowing Program is a great service: it allows patrons to borrow materials in libraries that were not available in the past. So if you commute, you can go to the public library (provided it's a participating library) in the town you work in and borrow almost any material that is on the shelf. With more than 80 participating libraries, there is an excellent chance there is a library, other than the Sussex County Library, where you can use your card.

The Open Borrowing Program does not cost anything to use. Just remember to obtain an Open Borrowing sticker for your Sussex County Library card before you go to a participating library.

If you need more information, please call a Sussex County Library or visit the Open Borrowing website arrow icon.