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Meeting Schedules

HSAC CEAS Committee Minutes

HSAC CEAS Committee Minutes

June 8, 2004

Attendance:  Donna DelValle, Maria Rath, Eileen Kivlen, Cindy Everitt, Kevin Martone, Anne Mylecraine, Melissa Reinertsen, Tracy O’Connor, John J. Korp, Vladimir Raevsky, Tammy Witters, Anne Murphy, Betsy Towle, Alana Steib, Mary Thiele, Carol Benevy, Melissa Latronica

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Donna DelValle CEAS Chair at 9:35 a.m.


Introduction:   CEAS Members and Guests introduced themselves.


Minutes:  An extensive discussion took place regarding the May minutes and the following corrections resulted from the discussion:

  • Planning Sub-Committee Report:  Discussion took place regarding clarifying the CEAS letter of Support for the Program application process for 2005.
  • SSH Grants Funds:  The Board of Chosen Freeholders have received the CEAS letter of recommendation regarding renewing contracts for the SSH funds to ensure that there is not a disruption in services to the homeless population of Sussex County.  No action or decision made to date.
  • Continuum of Care:  Lorraine Hentz clarified that the BCF is requiring an RFP process in order to give support to the CEAS Committee’s prioritization of applicants for the McKinney-Vento Funding.  The RFP is to ensure a competitive process is in place for the prioritization and support for the priorities.


      The Allocations Committee to review the McKinney-Vento RFP and prioritization of the RFP will be     comprised of the following:  Betsy Towle, Alana Steib, Mary Theile, Anne Murphy and Donna             DelValle. 


Further discussion took place regarding some the concerns with the RFP process and that the County may be in jeopardy of losing the McKinney-Vento Funding due to the lengthy RFP, and the possibility that the RFP deterred agencies from applying for the Mc Kinney-Vento Funding.


Cindy Everitt made a motion to pass the May minutes as amended.  Mary Thiele seconded the motion.  John Korp abstained.  Motion passed unanimously.


Old Business:

Chair Report-Donna DelValle: 

  • Donna DelValle recapped the in depth overview of the Continuum of Care process including the McKinney-Vento application that was presented at the May HSAC meeting.  A further discussion took place regarding concerns brought to Donna DelValle’s attention on how the County is proceeding with the process regarding the RFP that was publicized, and whether it follows the HUD Format for the McKinney-Vento.
  • The CEAS Committee discussed sending a letter to the BCF Liaison Susan Zellman regarding the lack of response to the SSH Funding recommendation letter and to address the concerns regarding the County RFP process for the prioritization of McKinney-Vento Funds.


CEAS Planning Sub-Committee Report-Betsy Towle: 

  • Discussed the Planning Sub-Committee’s meeting with Bill Yee, Laura Woody and the social work staff from the Center for Mental Health.  Stating that there has been positive interaction taking place between the Division of Social Services and the Center for Mental Health since the initial meeting.  The Planning Sub-Committee is looking to have a follow-up meeting to discuss resent discharges and to review the positive aspects of the discharge process and what areas still need to be improved upon.


SSH Grant Funds:

  • Donna DelValle expressed concerns regarding the lack of response to the letter that The Board of Chosen Freeholders  received  from CEAS recommending renewing contracts for the SSH funds to ensure that there is not a disruption in service to the homeless population of Sussex County.
  • A motion was made by Alana Steib to have Donna DelValle write a letter to the BCF Liaison on behalf of the CEAS regarding the lack of response to the SSH letter, and to address the concerns with the McKinney Vento RFP.  John Korp seconded the motion.  A discussion took place regarding Donna DelValle e-mailing Susan Zellman ahead of time regarding the letter.  Motion was passed unanimously.


Continuum of Care:

  • The Super NOFA is out and the application deadline is July 27, 2004.
  • An Allocations meeting was scheduled for June 16th at 9:30 a.m. @ DYFS. 
  • The County will be paying the $2,000.00 for the HMIS membership for this year.  And the $5,000.00 allotment will be written into the Continuum of Care Application for 2004 to cover two years of HMIS membership.


Heating Emergency Assistance (HEA)-John J. Korp:

  • The first distribution of the $50 supplemental payment went out April 27th. The second distribution is scheduled for August 12th. The last day to correct any "energy benefit errors" for eligible households is July 19th. The first day to input information for the PY 2004-05 is November 1st. Presently, LIHEAP households are not eligible for utility assistance through NJ   SHARES. Additionally, LIHEAP households automatically enrolled in the Universal Services Fund are not eligible for emergency assistance from home energy.



  • Kevin Martone from Advance Housing announced that they hired the first employee for the Sussex County Division, Carol Benevy.  They are currently looking for office space and aiming to open the Sussex County program in July.  At this time Carol can be contacted at (201) 498-9140 and they are currently accepting referrals for persons that are homeless and mentally ill.  Finally, Advance Housing’s annual fundraiser at the Meadowlands race track is scheduled for October 9th.
  • The Furniture Ministry has been receiving numerous referrals and has been working seven days a week, and continues to have a large supply of furniture for needy families. 
  • Cindy Everitt from Samaritan Inn announced that they will not be sheltering singles for the rest of the summer, but will be sheltering families.  She also expressed concerns with funding due to the families losing benefits once they start working. 
  • Anne Murphy from Interfaith Hospitality Network announced that she has openings in the shelter.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Respectfully Submitted by Melissa Latronica