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Meeting Schedules

Sussex County Disability Services Advisory Council

Sussex County Disability Services Advisory Council

Minutes for April 5, 2004

Members Present:  Sharon Fitch, Maureen Craven, Sharon Fitch and Christine Schnorr.


Ex-Officio Members:  Susan Zellman, Freeholder Liaison


Members Excused:  Janice Prezwodek


Members Absent:  Bruce Stanley


County Staff Present:  Lorraine Hentz and Melissa Latronica.


Members of the Public:  Juanita Rosa, Carmela Slivinski, Linda Pinto, Catherine Roe, Carolyn King, Lila Vergel-Wittman, Kristen Laga, Doug Lach, Bill Weightman, Robin Vander Groet and Stephanie Bootsma, Brian Schnabel.



Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Lorraine Hentz at 2:40 p.m.


Introduction:  Members and visitors introduced themselves.


Minutes:   Motion by Sharon Fitch to approve the January Minutes.  Christine Schnorr seconded the motion.  No discussion.  January Minutes were approved unanimously.


New Business:

  • Discussion and decision to move the DSAC meeting time to 12:00 p.m. in order to ensure that members and guests taking public transportation will be able to attend the meeting on a regular basis.
  • By-Laws were reviewed and recommendations for up-dates were made.  The updates will be incorporated and the By-Laws will then be reviewed by the County Counsel, Dennis McConnell and the By-Laws Committee.
  •  Members of the Public who were interested in becoming DSAC members introduced themselves and gave a brief synopsis of why they were interested in becoming members of the DSAC.  All interested parties were requested to send a letter of intent and a resume to the attention of Melissa Latronica, (973) 579-0517 and/or Lorraine Hentz (973) 579-9416, . (call for address)


Committee Reports:

Advocacy/Community Awareness:

  • This committee is going to address Accessible Parking in Sussex County.  The committee is going to draft a letter, for review by the DSAC, which will request support regarding ADA compliance to the Board of Chosen Freeholders.



Education and Training:

  • This committee will be focusing on creating a Disability Services Guide for the citizen’s of Sussex County.  This guide will contain agencies, with a description of what population they serve and what type of services they provide and listing of support groups.  This book will be crossed referenced and will have specific contact information.


Task Force for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing:

  • This committee will be focusing on the need for interpreter availability at local hospitals.  The committee is going to Draft a letter, for review by the DSAC, which will request support regarding ADA compliance to the Board of Chosen Freeholders.                                                                  



Sharon Fitch announced that she will be able to stay on as a member of the DSAC.


The next Disability Services Advisory Council Meeting is scheduled for June 7, 2004 at 12:00p.m. at The Homestead, Sussex County Nursing Home.



                                                Respectfully Submitted by Melissa Latronica