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Reference ID Advertise Date Opening Date Title Dept./Org.
21-020R 11/26/2021 12/21/2021 RFP - Structural Engineer, Judicial Center Facilities Management
21-023 11/11/2021 12/07/2021 Bid – Pavement Markings
Bid – Supply and Delivery of Pre-Mark Vizigrip Pavement Markings manufactured by Ennis Flint or Equal
21-022 11/09/2021 01/18/2022 Bid - Garbage Removal for various Sussex County buildings Facilities Management
21-021 11/09/2021 12/07/2021 RFP - Title III Services (Food Only)
RFP – Title III Services for individuals 60 and older and/or their caregivers with current and new services providers, including minority providers.
Division of Senior Services