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Board of County Commissioners

William Hayden
(Term: 1/23 - 12/25)
William Hayden
Phone: 973-579-0210
Fax: 973-383-1124

Frankford Township (R)

Commissioner Hayden was elected to the Board on November 8, 2022. A long time County resident, Commissioner Hayden currently works for the New Jersey Department of Transportation as a Region North Permit Supervisor that reviews plans, jurisdictional agreements, titles, and issues permits for utility companies. Commissioner Hayden also handles constituent issues for the Department. Working as a State of New Jersey employee has provided Commissioner Hayden with extensive experience with public employment, civil service and union collaboration.

Commissioner Hayden currently resides in Frankford Township and is the Commissioner liaison for 2023 to the following municipalities: Newton, Hampton, Fredon and Stillwater. In addition to his municipal liaisons, Commissioner Hayden is also the liaison for the following Departments/Committees: Department of Finance and Library Services, SWAC, Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority, Sussex County Farm and Horse How, Sussex County Technical School, Sussex County Planning Board, Sussex County Technical School Board of School Estimate, Lake Musconetcong Regional Planning Board and the Musconetcong River. Commissioner Hayden is a vocal advocate for the County employees and as a conservative Republican is an even stronger voice for the taxpayers of Sussex County.

In his free time, Commissioner Hayden races BMX and has earned numerous titles participating in the sport. Commissioner Hayden is also a horse enthusiast.

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Department of Finance and Library Services, Solid Waste Advisory Committee, Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority, Sussex County Farm and Horse Show, Capital Projects, Panning Board - Commissioner Member, Sussex County Community College Board of School Estimate, New Jersey Association of Counties.


  • Andover Borough
  • Andover Township
  • Green Township
  • Hopatcong Borough