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SCLS Expands Access to ABCmouse® for Library Cardholders

Release Date: May 01, 2024

Contact: Julie Knapp
Sussex County Main Library
973 948-3660 ext. 3409

Newton, NJ – The Sussex County Library System (SCLS) is excited to announce that community members can now access the award-winning ABCmouse® curriculum both within its library buildings or wherever they are. Library cardholders can create a free ABCmouse account using the number from the back of their library card. Or, community members can continue to access ABCmouse at any SCLS branch without creating an account utilizing library computers or Wi-Fi.

ABCmouse Early Learning Academy offers more than 10,000 learning activities in reading and language arts, math, science, social studies, art and music for children ages 2 to 8. These 10,000+ fun-filled learning activities—including more than 2,000 STEM and over 1,200 Spanish-language learning activities—consist of educational games, puzzles, art activities, poems, songs, music videos, science videos, and more. The 2,000+ book titles can be accessed by Age Level, Guided Reading Level, or Lexile Level.

"We're delighted to offer enhanced access to ABCmouse," Assistant Director Ellen Callanan remarked. "This resource expands our dedication to lifelong learning, enriching the educational journey of learners of all ages within our community."

SCLS is committed to fostering learning opportunities for patrons of all ages within its walls and in the community. The library’s wealth of online resources includes Explora Research Resources; Peterson’s Test and Career Prep; Teacher Reference Center; as well as Language Learning and Genealogy tools.

Visit to access ABCmouse from home or in the library.

To explore all the library’s online resources, visit

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