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Road Improvement To Begin In Vernon Town Center

Release Date: August 07, 2007


Road Improvement To Begin In Vernon Town Center

The County has announced that a road improvement in the Vernon Town Center will begin in early August on CR515 from Route 94 to just north of the Shopping Center. The improvement will be the next phase of the Vernon Town Center Road and Circulation Plan. Main Street was completed by Vernon last year as the first phase. This entire project has been in the planning stages for a decade and includes the collaboration of the county and the township in the Vision for Vernon initiative.


Owl Paving of Rockaway, NJ is the contractor for this $1.7M project which includes widening, retaining walls, left turn lanes, raised median, crosswalks, drainage, landscaping, and pavement markings.  There will also be a u-turn jug-handle at the Main Street intersection for northbound traffic on CR515 to access the businesses southbound. There are also elements in the design which are in context with the Town Center including brick crosswalks, black traffic signals (constructed in the Main Street phase), and a colored median. The majority of the construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2007 with the entire project completed by next spring.

For more information please contact the Sussex County Division of Engineering at 973-579-0430