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County Announces 2007 Paving Projects

Release Date: August 07, 2007

County Announces 2007 Paving Pro

County Announces 2007 Paving Projects


       Recently a contract was awarded to Dosch-King of Whippany, NJ to microsurface 6.6 miles of roads in the County System.  Microsurfacing is a surface treatment of liquid asphalt and stones applied to the existing pavement surface to extend its service life and provide for an improved skid resistant surface.  The county has been testing this system for the last few years, is pleased with the results, and is looking at it as an alternative to the traditional paving overlay.  The cost of materials and pavement surfacing needs have required the county to look at alternatives for maintaining the 309 mile county road system. 


        The county roads to be treated include CR517 in Vernon, CR628 in Wantage, CR521 & CR626 in Hampton, CR 619 in Stillwater, and CR614 in Fredon.  The contractor is expected to begin the project on or about August 6th and complete by early September.  It is planned to have one lane open for traffic at all times.  Message boards will be posted in advance of work at each site.


        It is expected that the Annual County Paving Contract will be awarded on August 22nd for an asphalt overlay project involving about 12.5 miles of county roads. It includes the milling of about 2 inches of deteriorated asphalt and filling with hot mix asphalt.  Pavement striping, pavement markers, and guide rail markers are included in the project as well.  Message boards will be advising of the work on each road.  Alternate traffic will be maintained for the duration of the project.


        Roads included in the program are CR641, CR517, & CR638 in Vernon, CR605 in Sparta, CR606 in Green, Andover Boro & Andover Township, CR675 in Montague, CR630 in Branchville, and CR565 in Wantage.  The contractor is expected to begin work in early September and continue into October. 

For more information please contact the Sussex County Division of Engineering at 973-579-0430