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Children's Trust Fund Tax Check-Off

Release Date: March 07, 2007

Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 2:17 PM
Subject: Children's Trust Fund Tax Check-Off

Tax Day is just over six weeks away, and I wanted to remind New Jersey residents about the opportunity to donate to the Children's Trust Fund through your state income tax returns.

As I am sure you all know, the Children's Trust Fund has worked for more than two decades to finance and support countless innovative programs to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Each April, the Children's Trust Fund will issue grants to start or continue such programs, in part using funds that are donated directly through a check-off box at Line 58 of the New Jersey state income tax return.

Last year, $196,000 was donated through the tax return check-off.
We are thankful for those contributions, but that figure is significantly less than years past - in 1989, for instance, the Children's Trust Fund received nearly $500,000.

People can donate any amount they choose, and of course all donations are tax-deductible.

We are not asking for large contributions necessarily. About 2.6 million tax returns will be filed this year, and we are trying to reach as many of those people as we possibly can.

Prevention is the most effective, but traditionally most under-utilized, strategy for protecting children. The innovative programs supported by the Trust Fund provide parents with the skills and support they need to nurture their children and to prevent abuse or neglect in the first place.

Every dollar we can invest in child abuse prevention will benefit us immeasurably in the long run, not only by saving money on child protection but, more importantly, in making better lives for children and their families.

Remember, tax forms are due by April 17th this year.

For more information on the Children's Trust Fund, visit our DCF Web site, at


Kevin M. Ryan
Department of Children and Families
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