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Color Blindness Awareness Day on September 6

Release Date: August 29, 2022

Contact: Kathleen Freisinger

Sussex County Main Library

973 948-3660 ext. 3401


Newton, NJ – September 6th is Color Blind Awareness Day. The purpose, increase awareness of a condition (also known as Color Vision Deficiency or CVD) that effects an estimated 350 million people worldwide in ways that are not always apparent. For example, a school child with CVD might be labelled with a learning disorder since many early learning skills (sorting, reading simple charts) are color-based.

The Sussex County Library system (SCLS) is here to help. The library has acquired 4 pair of EnChroma color correcting glasses – one pair each of sunglasses and indoor glasses for adults and children. The glasses can be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time, either as a test for the wearer to determine if this type of technology is something that can enhance their life; or for specific events (an important test, a museum trip) where enhanced color vision can have a real impact.

“How do you know that the gray strawberry you’re eating is really red to everyone else?” mused Adult Services Librarian Louisa Bann. “For people with red-green CVD, the most common type, these glasses can reveal a much brighter world. If the difference is positive you’ll know what technology to research to find just the right glasses for you. If it’s minimal or they don’t work, that’s a question answered too.”

The color correcting glasses are available for loan to all active SCLS cardholders, and can be picked up at any of the six library locations. To place a request for delivery to your local branch go the library’s website – – and type EnChroma into the Catalog search. A free Sussex County Library card is available to anyone living, working or going to school in Sussex County (except Sparta). Apply in person at any SCLS location or online at You can also call the Main Library at 973 948-3660 for assistance.