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Call For Submissions: Share Your COVID-19 Story

Release Date: September 14, 2021

Newton, NJ—The Local History Department of the Sussex County Library System (SCLS) invites the public to share their unique experiences with COVID-19. This opportunity to be a part of living history will be preserved in a compilation available through and housed in the Local History section at the Main Library.


In about 5OO words, share the story of how COVID-19 has changed your life. It can be a reflection of how your family or workplace adapted to continued safety measures after lockdowns lifted, an essay recollecting the biggest challenges of the past year and a half, observations about the changes you see all around you, or whatever you care to share in the format that best suits your style.


Submit a digital copy to or mail to: Local History Department, Sussex County Library, 125 Morris Turnpike, Newton, NJ 07860 by November 1, 2021. Please include your name, age, town and a picture (optional). Only send work and personal information you are willing to share. By submitting your COVID-19 story you give the SCLS permission to share your work with the public, which may include posting to the SCLS website and social media pages.