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Applicants Sought For Sussex County Community College Board of Trustees

Release Date: July 28, 2021
To qualify, a candidate must have been a resident of Sussex County for the past 4 years and may not be an elected official. Resumes are due no later than Friday, 08/13/2021.


Sussex County residents interested in serving on the Sussex County Community College Board of Trustees are invited to send their resumes to: the Sussex County Community College Board of Trustees Search Committee.

Resumes must be received no later than Friday, August 13, 2021. The Search Committee will review all submissions and submit their recommendations for appointment to the County Administrator and the Board of County Commissioners.

To qualify for consideration, a candidate must have been a resident of Sussex County for the past four years and may not be an elected official.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate independent judgment, distinction in their profession, knowledge of higher education and a firm commitment to serving the College and its mission. The preferred candidate should have experience in technical occupations, executive business, or experience in education/higher education. Technical occupations experience might have been obtained in the trades, such as auto mechanics, heating, construction, or experience in a small manufacturing concern. Experience as a business executive may have been obtained in banking, wealth management, finance, accounting, insurance, or other service industries.  Experience in education/higher education may have been obtained by involvement in education or as an educator/former educator in primary, secondary, post-secondary public OR private education. Additionally, all candidates should have at least some knowledge and experience in managing people, human resources, computer applications/platforms for businesses, plus have the ability to comprehend management accounting and financial management. Candidates must be willing to commit to 10-20 hours per month to his or her duties as a College Trustee.

Those duties include: appointing, supporting and evaluating the College President; clarifying and, if necessary, revising the College’s mission; ratifying long range plans; approving the College’s educational programs; ensure fiscal viability; and maintaining the physical plant.

The SCCC Search Committee requests that resumes be accompanied by background information and a statement from the applicant outlining why he or she wishes to serve as a Trustee and the specific skills the applicant would bring to the Board.


Resumes and applicant statements should be sent by mail to:

SCCC Trustee Search Committee

c/o Sussex County Administrator

One Spring Street, Newton, NJ 07860

Email submissions may be sent to: