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K9 Officer Nutmeg Receives Certification and attends the NPBA Seminar

Release Date: June 28, 2021
Sussex County Sheriff’s Office K9 Nutmeg and Detective Young attend the National Police Bloodhound Association Seminar and receive certification

For Immediate Release, June 28, 2021

Contact:  Sheriff Michael F. Strada


Sheriff Strada with K9 Officer Nutmeg, and Detective Kathy Young

Sussex County Sheriff Michael F. Strada is pleased to announce that during the last week of April 2021, K9 Nutmeg and her handler Sussex County Sheriff’s Office Detective Cathy Young attended the National Police Bloodhound Association's Spring Seminar in McHenry, Maryland.

This 40 hour block of instruction included one day of classroom refresher courses for the handler and 4 days of paws-on-the-pavement trailing work for the K9s. With the help and oversight of the expert NPBA instructors, K9 teams were tested on a variety of different surfaces, terrains, and aged trails. K9 Nutmeg approached her training with her best paw forward, making easy work of a 24+ hour-old trail and even running the entirety of an over 1-mile long trail. With her hard work and endless drive, K9 Nutmeg made it smooth sailing to achieving her 2nd national man-trailing certification.


Sheriff Strada said, “K9 Nutmeg and Detective Young continue to be an asset to the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office.  I couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and continued success, both with their training and their work in the field here in Sussex County.”

Picured from left to right: Sheriff Michael F. Strada, Officer Nutmeg, Detective Kathy Young