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Winter Storm Orlena - Update

Release Date: February 02, 2021

Winter Storm Orlena - Update
Sussex County Division of Public Works
Contact: 973-579-0430 or

Winter Storm Orlena left its mark on Sussex County dumping in excess of 33-inches of snow. It has been many years since a winter storm of this magnitude and duration has impacted our County.

The dedicated and hardworking staff of the 8 district garages within the Sussex County Division of Public Works (SCDPW) assisted by the Office of Bridge and Traffic Safety (OBTS) provided an immediate and extended response for the duration of the storm working to keep the 620 miles of County Routes passable. Over the next few days, in the aftermath of Winter Storm Orlena, the SCDPW assisted by the OBTS will direct and prioritize efforts to begin "digging out" from the storm. Due to the enormous snow banks along the roads, narrow roadways, and large piles of snow near many of the intersections, there is much work yet to be done removing snow to improve lines of sight at intersections, widen roadways and prepare for the next storm.

As we continue to prioritize and respond to Winter Storm Orlena we ask all drivers to help us by using extra caution while on the roadways and to keep an eye out for all the hard-working people responding to the transportation system needs resulting from this winter storm. If you observe a road condition requiring the attention of the Division of Public Works please call 973-579-0430 (Monday – Friday 8:30 am through 4:30 pm), email us at, or complete a service request at, and as always, please be safe.

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