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Spring St and Trinity St Construction, Newton

Release Date: July 14, 2015
Construction has been delayed to the week of July 27, weather permitting.

Update on the One-Way Construction on Spring Street, Newton

Note: Start of construction has been delayed until approximately the week of July 27.

Note: This information was provided by the Downtown Newton Association.

When will the construction start?

Construction will begin the week of July 20, weather permitting.  

Where will construction start?

Construction will start on Trinity Street then move up to Spring Street.  The construction work needed for the new traffic lights has already started.  Work on Spring Street will begin at the intersection of Route 206 and Spring Street.  The crews will restripe the traffic lanes and block the right hand turn, essentially converting Spring Street to one-way immediately.  Construction will then proceed with work for the build-outs, particularly in front of the Fire Museum. 

When will the paving start on Spring Street?

The paving of Spring Street will take 1-2 days and is estimated to begin around the week of July 27.  Paving will occur before the work with the new crosswalks. 

How long will Spring Street be closed?

Construction officials do not intend to close the street. There may be short delays during construction that will interrupt traffic flow for moving of equipment or the like, but the street should not be fully closed for the duration of the construction.

How long will Spring Street be affected?

About 6 weeks. If the weather is uncooperative construction could last a maximum of 8 weeks and, conversely, if everything runs smoothly the process could run shorter.

Will parking be affected?

Only one-side of parking will be affected at a time. Throughout the construction there will always be open parking spaces on one side of the street.

How many parking spaces will be created?

22 parking spaces will be created on the opposite side of the street.  The spaces will include pull-in spacers between the parking spaces.  No additional loading zones will be created.

Where does the one-way street start?

The one-way street starts at the intersection of Union Place and Spring Street.