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Press Release - Plea of Steven Castimore

Release Date: February 01, 2019

January 30, 2019
     Sussex County Prosecutor Francis A. Koch announced the entry of a guilty plea to multiple indictments before the Honorable Thomas J. Critchley, Jr., JSC, at the Sussex County Courthouse in Newton on January 30, 2019, by Steven Castimore.
     Castimore, age 57, of Newton, pled guilty to three counts of Driving While Suspended, all fourth degree offenses, two counts of Falsifying/Tampering with Records, fourth degree offenses and six motor vehicle offenses.  Sentencing is presently anticipated for March 15, 2019.
     On April 18, 2014, Castimore was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Newton. While investigating the accident, Newton Police discovered that he was currently a suspended driver. In pleading guilty, Castimore admitted to operating a motor vehicle during a period of license suspension and to the following motor vehicle violations: Careless Driving, Failure to Report an Accident, and Uninsured Motorist.
     On October 5, 2014, Castimore was stopped by Newton Police for using a cell phone while driving. Police discovered his driver’s license was suspended. In pleading guilty, he admitted to operating a motor vehicle during a period of license suspension and the following motor vehicle offenses: Use of Handheld Wireless Telephone and Uninsured Motorist.
     On February 28, 2015, upon being pulled over for a routine motor vehicle stop in Hampton, a DMV check by New Jersey State Police revealed that Castimore’s driver’s license was suspended. In pleading guilty he admitted to operating a motor vehicle during a period of license suspension, and Failure to Stop at a designated stop sign, a motor vehicle offense.
     On the dates of May 15, 2014 and December 29, 2016, Castimore filled out two separate State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Applications for Vehicle Registration, claiming to have insurance coverage. Upon investigation, Detectives from Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office were informed by the insurance company that the policy numbers provided by Castimore were fraudulent. In pleading guilty, he admitted to knowingly falsifying records.
     The cases were investigated by Ptl. King and Sgt. Monaco of the Newton Police Department, Tpr. Zosche of the New Jersey State Police and Detective Grogan of the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office.
     Steven Castimore was represented by Charles O’Connell, Esq., and the State was represented by Assistant Prosecutor Magdalen Czykier.