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Skylands Ride Drivers Receive Safety Awards

Release Date: August 19, 2014
Fourteen Skylands Ride drivers received Safety Awards during Senior Day festivities at the New Jersey State Fair, on August 7, 2014.

Skylands Ride Drivers Receive Safety Awards
Fourteen Skylands Ride drivers received Safety Awards during Senior Day festivities at the New Jersey State Fair, on August 7, 2014.  Senator Steven Oroho and Congressman Scott Garrett presented the drivers with a certificate from the State of New Jersey.  Freeholder Director Richard Vohden along with Deputy Director Dennis Mudrick and Freeholders Gail Phoebus, Phillip Crabb and George Graham presented a certificate from the County of Sussex.  Sussex County Social Services Director Carol Novrit was also there to congratulate the recipients.  Special recognition was given to Omnibus Operator Douglas Maull who represented the State of New Jersey and County of Sussex during the 2014 National Roadeo competition in St. Paul, Minnesota, on June 8, 2014.
Skylands Ride provides community paratransit and public bus services to many of the County's senior citizens, persons with disabilities, workers, and the general public.  The transit system saves tax payer dollars by allowing seniors to live independently, enjoying all of the amenities of living in a rural setting like Sussex County.  The service is a lifeline for many residents, providing transportation to essential medical appointments, dialysis, and other life saving treatments, in addition to providing transportation to work.  The Safety Award represents more than just safe driving.  Drivers must use defensive driving, customer service skills and avert accidents.  Drivers traveled more than 638,000 miles and provided over 117,000 passenger rides to Sussex County residents during 2013.
Drivers who were recognized for the safe performance of their duties in 2013, along with the number of years they have been accident free were:  Bert Oudshoorn, 9 years; Jeffrey Staple, 8 years; Carrie Heiney, 6 years; Darlene Sonvico, 6 years; Mary Ann Warner, 6 years; Janice Wiedeman, 6 years; Marie Zangara, 5 years; Deborah Postas, 4 years; Douglas Maull, 3 years; Barbara Fitzmaurice, 2 years; Kevin Gleason, 2 years; Marjorie Healey, 2 years; Kevin Sherlock, 2 years; and Ronni Lapp, 1 year.  Drivers were part of a countywide safety program, which has seen excellent results.
The County Administration, Department of Human Services, Division of Social Services and Skylands Ride congratulate this year's recipients and wish them many more miles of accident/incident-free travel.