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Department: Prosecutor's Office

Press Release - Sentencing of Lawrence Hill

Release Date: February 08, 2018

February 2, 2018
     Sussex County Prosecutor Francis A. Koch announced the sentencing of Lawrence Hill, who appeared before the Honorable William J. McGovern, III, J.S.C. at the Sussex County Courthouse in Newton on February 2, 2018.
     Hill was sentenced to an aggregate sentence of five years in State Prison with a two year, sixth month period of parole eligibility.
     Hill plead guilty to two counts of Conspiracy, two counts of Theft by Deception, one count Theft, four counts of Burglary, and two counts of Receiving Stolen Property on various indictments.
     The Defendant plead guilty on February 15, 2017, to conspiring with two other individuals to participate in a scheme to steal funds and actually steal funds in an amount greater than $500 from Lakeland Bank.
     He also plead guilty on February 15, 2017 to conspiring with another person to and agreeing to burglarize U.S. Gas and Sam’s Dollar Discount in Sussex Borough and T.J.’s Pizza in Wantage Township in June 2016.
     Hill also plead guilty to entering and attempting to steal cars at T&A Elite Auto Sales in Wantage Township on June 28, 2016. 
     He also plead guilty to taking a pick-up truck on January 18, 2017, in Wantage Township without the owner’s permission and thereafter, receiving a van that he knew was stolen.
     Hill was represented by William Oake, Esq. and the State was represented by Assistant Prosecutor Stephanie LaCarrubba.