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Library Services For All Ages

Release Date: July 17, 2015
The Sussex County Library has an exciting array of services for library patrons of all ages!

Sussex County Library: Services For All Ages

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The Sussex County Library has an exciting array of services for library patrons of all ages! Some of those services include:

  • Reference Services - Stumped by Google's infinite amount of information? Then speak to one of the library's professional librarians to help you find the exact information you need. These librarians have spent years perfecting their skills, and they enjoy helping people find the information, whether online or in a book, that they are looking for. Librarians are available in-person and by telephone to help you.
  • Museum Passes - Looking for something to do this summer? Try borrowing one of the library's free museum passes. The library has passes for The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, The Morris Museum, and the Stickley Museum and Craftsman Farms. Full details of this service are located on the library's website:
  • Open Borrowing - Do you work out of Sussex County? Do you travel to other counties? Then use your library card at more than 70 libraries in these counties: Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Sussex (including Sparta), and Warren counties. To take advantage of this wonderful program, you need a Sussex County Library card and an Open Borrowing Sticker.
  • iPad Minis - Don't own a tablet? Then borrow one of the library's iPad Minis. You must have a Sussex County Library card and be over 17 years old. The six iPad Mini tablets are available thanks to a generous donation by Vincent Rubino, a 2008 graduate of Vernon High School. Each tablet is loaded with a sampling of applications (apps). The Tablet Lending Program aligns with many of the library's goals, including improving access to information, increasing digital literacy, and supporting Sussex County's creative community. Patrons can borrow a tablet from any branch library across the county.
  • Library Newsletter - Never quite sure what's taking place at the library? Then sign-up for the library's electronic newsletter. The newsletter comes out monthly and is filled with the latest information about the library, as well as informative articles about anything and everything to do with the library. Just go to the library's website to sign up, and then you will always be up-to-date on library programs and services.
  • Online Services - Too busy to get to your local branch? Then go to the library's website ( and you'll be able to request materials, download ebooks, music and magazines, research authoritative databases, and learn a foreign language! Just make sure you have a Sussex County Library card (free to all residents) and you're good to go.